Selected works: Museu des Molinar (Montuïri) and Can Joan Jaume i n’Apol·lònia (Montuïri).

TEd’A arquitectes is a studio founded in 2006 by Irene Pérez (1976), Raimon Farré (1976) and Jaume Mayol (1976). All of them are architects by the ETSAV (Sant Cugat) (2000-2001). The studio is placed beetween Majorca and Barcelona.
TEd’A is a workshop and also a studio. They combine theoretical activity with professional practice.
Their work has been recognized and honored several times: Mallorca Architecture Award 2004-2006, Foro Arquia Próxima 2008 and 2010, and World Architecture Awards 2009 among others.